Rev. Wallace Smith Sr
Reverend Wallace Smith
Rev. Wallace Smith Sr. is a man of God who has been anointed to preach the Word of God. He is the Senior Pastor of Saint Thomas Baptist Church in North Preston Nova Scotia. He is married the Frances (Cain) Smith, together they have five children. Rev. Wallace Smith’s Ministry began in the mid-seventies, where he was lead by God to form “The Gospel Heirs”. Many people throughout Canada and the United States were blessed to witness such an Anointed Musical Group of God. Throughout this time, God was dealing with Rev. Wallace to take on a leadership position within the body of Christ; this resulted in Saint Thomas Baptist Church membership setting Rev. Wallace aside and assigning him the title of Deacon- Elect. In 1981 Rev. Wallace was crowned Deacon, under the leadership of Rev. Donald D. Skeir.